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The clear leader in active sidestick pilot controls for commercial aircraft

BAE Systems’ Active Control Sidesticks (ACS) are the first active inceptor pilot controls chosen for commercial aircraft – the Gulfstream G500/G600, Bombardier 7000 and 8000, and Embraer KC-390 – giving pilots the situational awareness of tactile cueing, programmable control features, and the confidence of quadruplex redundancy.

Active inceptor systems (AIS) – commonly known as active control sidesticks (ACS) or just “active sticks” – are transforming pilot controls in fly-by-wire (FBW) aircraft, sending tactile feedback directly into a pilot’s hand in real time. This feedback, also known as tactile cueing, can take the form of various pilot cues — such as variable gradients, force breakouts, detents, ramps, gates, and soft stops — to warn of mode engagements or impending flight envelope limits. And BAE Systems has been at the forefront of AIS technology since the beginning.

With more than 25 years of experience in active control sidesticks – including developing high reliability active sticks for military aircraft – BAE Systems is proud of the leadership our active inceptor team has shown developing the first active control sidesticks certified for use in commercial aviation. We look forward to its further adoption throughout commerical aviation.

Benefits of our active control sidesticks in commercial aircraft

  • Reduced thru-life cost
  • Future growth capability through programmable features
  • Improves pilot and co-pilot awareness through electrical linking
  • Unrestricted views of the displays
  • Improved safety and performance through the use of tactile cues
  • Lower system weight and reduced mechanical complexity over conventional column & wheel (C&W)
  • Introduction of active technology allows simplified control laws and more intuitive feel/control modes

Active sticks overview video

Learn more about our award-winning active sticks.

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