Commercial Aircraft Solutions

Comprehensive MRO services from the OEM that built it for commercial aircraft, avionics, and FADECs

BAE Systems’ customer support and services team supports our 600+ customers and manufacturer partners with unparalleled aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) work scope in service centers strategically located around the globe.

Keeping fleets airworthy is a clear priority for every commercial airline and business flight operator, to ensure reliability of flight-critical systems, promote in-service availability, and upgrade systems to meet evolving regulatory requirements. To help them achieve that fluently so they can keep flying, BAE Systems provides comprehensive aircraft MRO support via service centers in North America, Europe, Asia, and South America. It is all enabled by our decades of expertise, access to our OEM parts and data, and our proactive asset management.

More than 600 airlines and manufacturers choose BAE Systems for their commercial aircraft maintenance and avionics maintenance because we were the OEM that designed, produced, and installed their flight decks, flight controls, engine controls, and other high-performance, flight-critical aircraft electronics - both hardware and software. BAE Systems develops and manufactures a range of innovative aircraft products, and our expertise covers many platforms to maximize commonality, availability, and affordability throughout the product lifecycle.

Our comprehensive service and support

  • OEM and upgrade equipment
  • Aircraft maintenance, repairs, and overhaul (MRO)
  • Prognostics and fleet health management
  • Asset management exchange, loan, lease, and overhaul programs
  • FAA, EASA, and CAAC approvals available
  • Assured quality only an OEM can provide
  • Service and support website designed with our customers in mind
  • Spares, repairs, and fleet health optimization from the experts who built it
  • Streamlined delivery and 24/7 support
  • World-class, trusted provider of FADEC overhaul (MRO) solutions with our maintenance and upgrade program, plus comprehensive life extension and retrofit solutions

Our world class engine controls / FADEC overhaul

This comprehensive process, developed and designed by us, the OEM who built it — will:

  • Prolong the life of the FADEC
  • Reduce maintenance costs with proactive repair
  • Minimize fleet downtime with flexible overhaul options fit into scheduled engine maintenance
  • Extended warranty of the FADEC
  • Learn more about our FADECS

Strategically-located global service centers

We established our service centers where they are best able to meet our customer's requirements at all operational levels:

  • Support facilities in the US, UK, Singapore and Brazil
  • Spares and repairs services
  • Aircraft-on-ground (AOG) support
  • Initial provisioning services
  • Technical publications/customer training
  • Help desk
  • On-site assistance

Learn more. See our locations listing or contact our commercial aircraft aftermarket services director of business development today.