Commercial Aircraft Solutions

Pilot controls – active sticks

Our active control sidesticks (ACS) – also called active inceptor systems (AIS) – provide pilots with the tactile cues they want, giving them the ultimate in situational awareness and control while flying the aircraft.


  • Enables the future integration of flight control functions
  • Utilizes position sensing and smart actuation (rather than springs and dampers, as in a passive stick or inceptor) to change forces felt by the pilot in real time
  • Force feedback can be used to provide cues, warn of mode engagements or impending flight envelop limits
  • The associated gradients and stops are fully programmable in real time
  • The variable feel can also cater for a wide pilot range


  • Ability to link controls across the cockpit so that each pilot can feel the forces and see the displacements generated by each other
  • Offers significant weight and volume savings over mechanical controls